Our Strategy

COLD WATER AG is a Swiss company founded in 2020 by Julian Connor, the founder of Switzerland’s only land-based salmon farm Swiss Lachs. 

COLD WATER will construct and operate ten land-based salmon farms at key locations in Europe. The first four sites are in the planning and permitting phase. Another 7 prime sites have been secured.

Land-based salmon farms are completely sustainable, use zero chemicals or antibiotics, there are no fish escapes or any damage to the environment.

4 Pillars of our Business

Direct Sales
Strategically located salmon farms on the doorstep of affluent European cities will allow easy access and direct sales to the consumer. Selling salmon directly to the consumer increases the profitability of the farm by a factor of between 3 and 5 depending upon the product. 

Production Capacity
Europe consumes over 1.4 million mt of salmon per year. Each Cold water facility will have a manageable production capacity of 1200-1600 mt/year. This will take advantage of a competitive cost of production whilst at the same time ensuring that the percentage of direct sales will be significant enough to dramatically affect the ROI. 

Premium Brand Building
The Swiss experience has shown that customers pay more for high quality locally produced fish. The sustainability along with the antibiotic free aspect enabled the Swiss facility to sell at approximately 50% higher prices than imported Norwegian or Scottish salmon. 

Complete Vertical Integration
The Swiss farm is the only salmon farm in the world where two years after fertilized salmon eggs are delivered to the farm , sliced hand-crafted smoked salmon comes out the same building. Cold Water’s European facilities will follow the same strategy.